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How do I send a package to my student?

Addresses for the residence halls, on-campus apartments and Project Neighborhood homes are found on the mail services website.

What local vendors provide care packages for students?

Consider these local vendors:

When is Family Weekend? Siblings Weekend?

Family Weekend is in October.

Siblings Weekend is the end of February.

Do you have suggestions for what to pack and bring to Calvin?

The housing office provides Moving In resources. This will explain how to move in to campus, what to bring and what NOT to bring.

Where can I find out about my student's 1098-T tax form?

These forms are mailed to the student's home address at the end of January unless the student opted to get an electronic copy instead within their Calvin Self Service account. There is a "View my 1098-T" link to this section of Self Service on the Student Resources page under the "Accounts and finances" section. Contact the financial services office ( for additional information.

Do you have suggestions or requirements for technology?

Calvin's information technology department offers information about student computers and hardware/software requirements.

What are the dates for Spring Break? Christmas Break? Easter?
I heard I can watch chapel live. How do I do that?

Chapel (10–10:20 a.m. on weekdays) and Sunday evening (8 p.m.) LOFT services are available online: The archives are available any time.

What are the core classes my student needs to take?

Learn more about academic life at Calvin:

My contact information changed. To whom should I send the new information?

The Center for Student Success ( maintains parent contact information.

If you are receiving the Calvin-parents e-newsletter, please also let us know your updated email address so you can keep receiving it.

You may also contact and we'll take care of this. Thanks for keeping us updated!

How can I see a copy of my student's tuition statement?

Students can add a parent/guardian as an authorized user in the Student Billing & Payment Center. They do so by following the instructions in the “Invite other payers” box at

After the student has designated a parent as an authorized user, then parents have to create their own username/password for the Payment Center. Those instructions are here:

How can I see a copy of my student's grades?

Students can login to their Self-Service account to give proxy access to parents and guardians to view grades. After a student has done this, the family member will receive an email with instructions for accessing the Calvin University Self-Service account. View the instructions for students and additional FAQs about using this system.

What banking services are available on or near campus?

Banks such as Lake Michigan Credit Union, Fifth Third, Chase, PNC and Bank of America will have information tables at PASSPORT (orientation). Checks up to $200 can be cashed at the financial services office; some fees may apply.