GROUP FITNESS: Always free. No sign-up necessary—show up and work out! Bring water!

Make friends, get stronger, and build fitness habits that will last you a lifetime. Calvin's group fitness programs are affordable, safe, and welcoming to any student. This is a place to build skills that will help you get and stay in shape, all with the motivation and support of the community.

Dates: Jan 17—Feb 24; March 7—April 21

Afternoon Yoga
4pm at Upper Dance Loft
Hannah Brenton
Dance Fitness
4:30 at Large Dance Studio
Melinda Lugbill
4pm at Upper Dance Loft
Hannah Brenton
Evening Spin Fusion
5pm at Spin Classroom
Ari Koeman
Women's Lift Night
8-9pm at Lower Fitness Center/Weight Room
Waverly Verhill
Grace Ribbe


Contact Arianna Koeman at (616) 526-6041 or