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The Calvin Academy for Lifelong Learning (CALL) is a member-based lifelong learning community. We have no age restrictions. We offer a wide variety of courses, bonus lectures, events, social groups, and travel opportunities. Our courses are either online or in-person.

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01-O-M2022 Creating a Global Order: The Embattled History of Globalization from Great War to Cold War

02-H-M2022 Fossils and Christianity

03-H-M2022 Renewing Your Life Through Spiritual Disciplines


04-H-M2022 A Grunt's View of World War II

05-H-M2022 George Orwell: 1984, Still Relevant Today

06-H-M2022 What Happens When We Die? The Traditional Christian View and Its Recent Critics


07-I-M2022 Flannery O'Connor: Coming to Christ through the Back Door

08-H-M2022 The Music of the "Mighty Five" of Russia and "Les Six" of France

09-H-M2022 Mary Oliver, Modern Mystic

10-H-M2022 The U.S. (Mis)Adventure in Afghanistan

Classroom Fund

Now that the CALL Scholarship has been fully endowed with funding, our program is starting a new fund which will go toward needed classroom modifications to benefit lifelong student learners. This remodeling includes updated technology for hybrid learning, state-of-the-art audio systems and tailored furnishings, as well as a hospitality area.  These changes will enhance the quality of learning and deepen the community connection of CALL students.  As you renew your membership, you will see an option to give to the CALL Classroom Fund.  All gifts are tax-deductible and a donation receipt will be sent by the University. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Membership perks

  • Free parking
  • Full library access
  • Free interest groups, membership required
  • Discounted rates at Grand Rapids Broadway, Circle Theatre, and Grand Rapids Opera, Grand Rapids Civic, and Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids.
  • Discounted rates with Calvin's Worship Symposium and Festival of Faith and Writing
  • New friends!

Lectures/Online Learning

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