Build the skills you need with our excellent history core, then range through our many electives, exploring your interests and opening doors to your career goals.

As a history major, you and your departmental advisor will design a program that fits your interests in history and related areas, your vocational goals, and the demands of historical study. While foreign language is not required for History majors, we encourage you to study one. Talk to your departmental advisor early in your college career about a language, modern or classical, that fits your goals.

To make you a well-rounded historian, your program will include at least one course on a period before 1500 and at least one course on a period after 1500.

Generally in your senior year you will take History 394, the research seminar, in conjunction with a 300-level course in your field of interest. Together, these courses will enable you to use primary sources to write an article-length senior thesis paper on a topic of interest to you. Besides History 394 and 395, you will take at least two courses at the 300 level.

You can take one upper-level interim course as an elective in any of the History majors or minors.

Course Requirements


If you wish to graduate with honors, you will need to be accepted into the honors program early in your program.


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